AAA Insurance Brokers Inc. offers and array of products and programs to meet your personal and commercial needs. We are commited to provide the best insurance solution to meet your needs for today and as your life circumstances change. We are here to assist you and our knowledgeable team will guide you, so that you feel comfortable knowing that you and your family and / or business needs
are well taken care of.

Insurance products and programs AAA Insurance offers:

    Personal LInes

  • Home
  • Condominium
  • Tenants Package
  • Seasonal Dwelling
  • Automobile
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Fifth Wheel
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle

    Commercial Lines

  • Commercial Real Estate Owners & Property Managers
  • Builders Risk
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesalers
  • Contractors & Trades
  • Retail Ownership
  • Offices & Professional Services
  • Home-Based Businesses
  • Restaurant and Hospitality Services
  • Surety & Bonding
  • Commercial Automobile Fleet
  • Trucking / Transport
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Directors & Office Liability

    Life & Health

  • Life
  • Disability & Critical Illness
  • Employee Group Health
  • Key Person

    Travel & Visitors

  • Super Visa
  • Emergency Hospital
  • OHIP Coverage Waiting Period
  • Traveling Canadians
  • Visitors to Canada
  • New Immigarnts
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  • Auto / Fleet

    Once a repair garage, new or used vehicle sales facility, automobile service provider, i.e. a lube and filter shop, or a vehicle operator, valet parking or car jockey service, accepts a client's automobile, the responsibility for its loss or damage becomes theirs. A standard General Liability policy will not provide adequate coverage for the use of or any imposed liability for a customer's automobile and a Garage Liability policy is necessary.

    Under the section of the Auto policy dealing with your customer's automobiles there are two types of coverage available, either Specified Perils or Comprehensive. Specified Perils is the cheaper and most commonly used cover. The Comprehensive form is marginally more expensive but provides substantially more protection.

    There are obligations for you to carry adequate limits of insurance on customers' automobiles in your care, custody and control. Substantial penalties exist in the policy if you do not accurately report the number of automobiles in your care, despite the limit of insurance carried.

    In most instances garage policies do not cover owned vehicles. Our unique program allows you to include owned commercial or personal vehicles, owned by shareholders of the corporation, on the same policy as the rest of the garage fleet.

    Recent changes in the garage automobile policy restrict insuring leased vehicles under the owned automobile section. You should determine if your leased automobiles are insured appropriately following the release of the new policy wording.

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  • Business Interruption

    What will happen to your company's Revenue and/or Expenses following a serious fire? Business Interruption protects against the loss of normal net profit before tax and expenses, which you continue to pay out even though your operations have come to a complete standstill or are seriously impaired.

    The three basic types of policies available are:
    Profits Gross Earnings Extra Expense Profits "Profits" is the best type of business interruption to buy. The coverage is the broadest and has the most flexibility to meet your needs after a loss. There is potential for sales losses after your building has been rebuilt or restored to its original state. A profits form has an indemnity period that can pay beyond the period of restoration.

    The due diligence clause relating to the time frame in which one must get their operations back to normal activities as soon as possible is only on the insured. For those who lease or rent premises or in any situation wherein the third party could influence this time frame, this is very important. The standing charges or expenses insured under a Profits form has more flexibility in establishing a limit that is suitable to the Insured.

    Gross Earnings

    This is the least desirable form you can purchase for your business for the following reasons: The due diligence clause is too onerous. Both the insured and the third parties must contribute to bringing business operations back to normal as soon as possible. The third party, a landlord perhaps, might drag his feet deciding what he will do after a loss with respect to rebuilding.

    The loss only pays from the time of loss until the insured is back in business. In a highly competitive situation, work stoppage of several weeks can mean losing customers to a competitor for an even longer period. Sales losses, due to restoration of damage, are not insured. There is less flexibility in choosing the amount to be insured due to coinsurance clauses and the calculation worksheet format. Extra Expense

    At the least an insured should purchase this insurance which covers for extra expenses paid out by the insured to continue his normal operations once he has suffered an insured loss.

    Endorsements to the Policy

    Professional Fees In the event of a loss you may need assistance from a number of different types of professionals to assess your loss. Such as Accountants; Engineers or Architects. Your policy does not pay for this. Professional fees do.


    Payroll can be insured separately. Periods of 30, 60, or 90 days are typically time frames that insured's choose. Contributing and Contingent Business Interruption

    Other properties or business may influence your operations and extensions should be added. Worksheets Completed worksheets are required annually to ensure adequate limits
  • Business Property

    Every business is different.

    Bricks and mortar to data and media … that's all Property. When properly insuring, consider lease obligations, your cyber property, data and websites, and off-premises property not covered under the principal policy.
    To provide the proper insurance, there is a wide choice of policies and options. Our commercial representatives have the training, information and interest to help you put together an effective protection program.
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  • Directors and Offices

    Directors and Officers are fiduciaries entrusted with the management of a corporation or an organization and can be held legally liable as a result of their negligence in managing corporate affairs.

    A Director or Officer owes a higher standard of care than an employee or manager does when it comes to managing an organization's affairs. Negligence will be based upon what an "informed" and prudent person would do or fail to do in the circumstances rather than just what a prudent person would or would not do in those circumstances.

    The policy indemnifies for "wrongful acts" committed by the Director or Officer in the discharge of their duties solely in their capacity as Director and Officer. Allegations of poor judgment and misrepresentation are referred to in the policy as "wrongful acts".

    Potential Liabilities

    Different types of suits can be brought against Directors and Officers:

    Derivative Action, brought by shareholders on behalf of the corporation. Representative Action, brought by shareholders against the corporation on their own behalf. Third Party Action, brought by individuals outside the corporation such as officials, competitors or other parties. Employees can also bring suit for wrongful dismissal or severance pay after a bankruptcy.

    The spectrum of allegations is enormously broad and will include:

    Misleading representation Misstatement of financial condition or lack of good judgment Failure to act Failure to disclose Mismanagement of funds Breach of contracts Mergers and Acquisitions Antitrust violations Failure to remit unpaid wages and taxes Acts beyond granted authority Wrongful dismissal Discrimination

    Reasons for Considering Directors' and Officers' Coverage

    The Corporation or entity may not have sufficient resources to pay the losses unable to be indemnified and expenses incurred by the Directors and Officers.

    Standards of performance are expanding so rapidly that it is becoming difficult to predict how the law will respond in specific circumstances. Either the existing applicable law or the corporation's internal indemnification provisions may be modified to limit or prohibit the expected indemnification.

    Directors and Officers may demand it.

    The composition or attitude of the Corporation's Board of Directors may change so that the Board is no longer sympathetic to the prior Director or Officer and thus does make the necessary determination to authorize indemnification.

    Because of public policy considerations and statutory limitations, some claims may be insurable but not indemnifiable. Two examples would be the violation of federal securities laws (although such items may be insured) and settlements from derivative suits, which may also, at times, be insured.

    High costs of defense - even if no liability is determined.
  • Employee Benefits

    With over 300 employer group programs currently in force Prolink is one of Canada's leading Benefits specialists. Our professionals have developed unique plans customized to the needs of our clients including:

    Group Life Insurance
    Group Disability Insurance
    Medical and Dental Plans
    Group RRSP's and Pension Plans
    Group Critical Illness
    Employee Assistance Programs
    Cost Plus Programs

    The cost of employee benefits continues to rise and can represent as much as 5 - 7% of a company's payroll. How can you determine if you are maximizing the return on the investment you are making in your benefit program?

    By speaking to a Prolink Insurance advisor, you can count on receiving knowledgeable, unbiased advice. Our Employee Benefit Specialists will review your existing plan or help you to build a new program designed specifically for your organization.

    To ensure you maximize the return on the investment you are making, your Prolink advisor will review your plan in the following five areas:

    Plan design
    Tax effective premium allocation
    Communication of the plan to your employees

    After a thorough review, you will be presented with a market analysis, showing you the benefits and costs of several insurance carriers, from which you can make an informed decision.


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